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Aunt Margot

Jewelry designed by Sam. Inspired by the past. And those who wore jewelry well.

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Who is Aunt Margot?

She was my great aunt and she had one hell of a jewelry collection. A traveler, a knitter, a golfer and a Scot. She never married or had kids so I like to think that her spirit is living through her jewelry, now scattered throughout the women of the McGregor clan. I’m calling this venture Aunt Margot because it’s more than me designing these pieces. The McGregor women of days past are responsible for my affinity for jewelry and I wanted to celebrate that. A common response in the family when asked where some stunning ring or interesting necklace came from is “It’s an Aunt Margot”. You may not have had an Aunt Margot, but you could start the tradition for your own family today. Let’s create pieces that will last for generations, starting today.